Integrating with CBOSS

CBOSS offers multiple integration options with flexible APIs to bring online payments into your application, while keeping most PCI compliance responsibility in ours. Customer Experience options include:

      • Redirecting your customer to our environment via a Hosted Integration.
      • Launching a secure iFrame on top of your application via the CPP Wallet
Hosted Integration

CBOSS offers several Hosted Integration options, all using our standard APIs. With these integrations, your customer will be redirected from your website or application to our secure environment. Your customer’s experience while making their payment can be customized to match the look and feel of your website to offer a near seamless experience.

Wallet Integration

The CPP Wallet offers even more flexibility and a seamless user experience. Using our newest APIs, the CPP Wallet is a digital wallet and payment gateway solution that launches in an iFrame within your application. This frame can be branded to match your website by customizing several options. Since the customer never leaves your website, you have full control over their experience. In addition to performing one-time transactions, the CPP Wallet can store your customer’s payment information (credit/debit card or bank account) within CBOSS’ secure environment. CBOSS will generate several tokens to represent your customer and their payment information, which your application can store. These tokens can be used the next time your customer needs to make a payment, or to create payment schedules for recurring or future payments.